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[Seoul City Hall] Paul Bassett (폴바셋), serves the BEST milk ice cream latte

Milk ice cream latte of Paul Bassett Paul Bassett Seoul

Paul Bassett is famous for a cafe latte with genuine milk ice cream on the top!

This franchise brands' milk is supplied by 'Sangha Farm', which is well known for good quality milk.

So that is why their ice cream and latte tastes so good and full of flavor!

I recommend to try 'Ice cream latte' and 'Affogato'.
Soft, creamy milk ice cream and acidic taste of espresso blends so well.

- Paul Bassett branches nearby City Hall station

Paul Bassett has a few branches in Seoul, and there are three nearby City Hall station.
(I highlighted the branch I recommend, with yellow in the pic)

What I liked about 'Seosomun' branch especially was that the space was roomy and uncrowded.

If you are already travelling around City Hall station, this place could be the one for a coffee break.

(By the way this cafe closes at 4 pm on weekends.)

Main entrance of Paul Bassett at Seoul City Hall station
- Main entrance of Paul Bassett

You may not notice this cafe from outside since the window isn't a see-through.

Menu of Paul Bassett Bread and bakery of Paul Bassett at Seoul City Hall station

Various types of beverage and bakery menus are prepared.

Honestly I haven't tried any other menus except ice cream latte and affogato...

If you don't feel like you want those,
just order something contains milk in it, then it wouldn't be a total failure.

(They also serve a lactose-free latte as well)

After you order, a cashier will give you a vibration bell.
Go sit at a table and wait for the bell ringing! It means your order is ready.

Ice cream latte of Paul Bassett
- Ice cream latte

As I always do, I ordered the ice cream latte.

Everytime this latte tastes amazing!
Creamy and rich milk flavor of ice cream really hits the spot!

Interior of Paul Bassett at Seoul City Hall station Interior of Paul Bassett at Seoul City Hall station

Because this cafe is inside a corporate building, there are few people on weekends.

So it's great to enjoy a peaceful coffee time having the best ice cream latte,
feeling like you are a local businessman / businesswoman working in Seoul.

Tired of crowded cafe around City Hall?
Want to have a real good milk ice cream?

Find Paul Bassett, Seosomun branch on Google map!

The address and location is in the map below.
Thank you ♥

- Address / Location