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Express Train Stops of Seoul Metro Line 9

Express train of Seoul Metro Line 9 in Seoul

Must know : Seoul Metro Line 9 has two types of trains!

You must know where express train of line 9 stops before you take it.
Unless you check it, you might get off at the wrong station.

Express Train Stops are mostly where multiple metro lines stop.

Here's the list of express train stops of Seoul metro line 9.

Metro/Train Route Map of Metro Line 9 in Seoul

- Express Train Stops of Seoul Metro Line 9 -

1. Gimpo International Airport
2. Magongnaru
3. Gayang
4. Yeomchang
5. Dangsan
6. Yeouido
7. Noryangjin
8. Dongjak
9. Express Terminal
10. Sinnonhyeon
11. Seonjeongneung
12. Bongeunsa
13. Sports Complex
14. Seokchon
15. Olympic Park
16. VHS Medical Center

Save the image above and save your time!

I recommend to visit Yeouido, Noryangjin, Sinnonhyeon, and Seokchon station.

Hope this post to be helpful for your comfortable trip!

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