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How to rent a 'Seoul Bike', Ddareungi

Ddareungi, Seoul Bike Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

Did you know that Seoul city has a bike rental service?

You might have seen a number of people riding a green colored bike in Seoul.

This bike is called 'Ddareungi'.

Because Ddareungi is a public rental service, it is much more affordable than other rental shops or services.
Just pay 1000 won and you may use this bike for an hour!

Here's a procedure to rent a Ddareungi :

1. Get a Ddareungi app. (Search 'Seoul Bike' on App Store)

How to rent a Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

2. Log in as a 'Foreigner' to view the contents in English.

How to rent a Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

3. Click 'Purchase pass' button on the bottom of the screen.

How to rent a Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

4. Select among 3 types of passes : 1 hour / 2 hours / 24 hours.

5. Register your payment information and proceed with the payment.

6. Check the number of available bikes at the rental location you want.
  (The number in the bubble is the number of available bikes.)

How to rent a Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

7. Click 'Rent' button and scan a QR code on the bottom of the saddle.
  If QR code is not scanned, enter the number on the right of a QR code.

QR, How to rent a Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

8. Enjoy!
  (If the time exceeds, you will be charged an extra cost on the registered payment method.

9. Return the bike after use, at any Ddareungi rental location nearby.

10. To return, lower the bike's lock lever all the way down.

Lever, How to rent a Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

- The user guide is also on the app. (Home - Menu - Information of Use)


I often ride a Ddareungi at Hangang Park and I love it! :)

Ddareungi, Seoul Bike

Hope you enjoy a nice bike ride in Seoul.

Thank you ♥